Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Memphis Tigers!

The city of Memphis has been a buzz this entire NCAA basketball season. The Memphis Tigers have had an awesome team and have been so much fun to watch. However, there's nothing like March Madness to really create some excitement! Chad and I have loved this year's tourney with our Baylor Bears and Indiana Hoosiers making it to the tourney along with the Tigers. What fun! We'll never forget when our Hoosiers made it to the National Championship game our first year in grad school at IU. It was incredible!!!! We lost, but I've never been so excited to be a part of something like that.

Well, today reminded of 6 years ago (yes, it's been that long since we started grad school--yikes) when IU made it to the Final Four. I was in our grocery store getting munchies for tonight's game and was just amazed. 4 out of every 5 people were wearing Tiger blue and it was more crowded than Super Bowl Sunday. People were buying snack foods and drinks and the lines were insane! People were going out of their way to be helpful to each other, helping with others' groceries, giving up parking spots and places in line, etc. It's almost as if everyone was thinking, "If we do a friendly deed today, maybe the Memphis Tigers will win!!" It was just awesome to watch! Memphis is electrified!!!

And, we won our game tonight!! So, we'll be playing in the National Championship game on Monday night!! Monday happens to be our due date, so I've been informed by my sister that if I go into labor on Monday, I have to keep my legs closed until the game's over. Nice, huh? :) Love you Biffer!! GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Luke and Mommy cheering on the Tigers! Poor Luke outgrew his Memphis Tigers shirt, so he wasn't in blue. I, obviously, have outgrown my Tigers shirt too, but had to represent anyway!!


Anonymous said...

Go Tigers! I agree with Mary.. Baby Charlie needs to hold out a little longer.. at least until Tuesday when we are back in Memphis!!


Mary said...

T-I-G-E-R-S TIGERS...Gooooooo!!!

Lovely blog-and see, other people are agreeing with me! I am anxious to meet baby Charlie and all, but hang in there one more day!

P.S. You look so freaking CUTE!!!

julie smith said...

You look great!

Miss Angie said...

What's all this Tigers talk that you & Mary have on your blogs? ;) Awww your little basketball tummy is so cute!! :)))


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