Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland!!

We had a winter wonderland arrive in town on Friday and I could not have been happier! In my opinion, snow is the best part of nature that God created. It's beautiful, it's fun, it's quiet, it's pure and it's a dream come true for me! Every year since we've been back in Memphis, I have looked forward to February because that's when the snow (if we get any at all) seems to hit. Well, this year, February came and went and no snow. I even commented to my sister last week that I had officially given up on the snow and was quite devastated to not have any.

Oh, and Chad is just like me. We were made for each other! He gets just as excited about the snow. You should have seen us on Friday when the snow was pouring from the sky. I'm not sure if Luke was more excited about the snow because it's awesome, or because the snow makes his parents completely giddy!! The snow started around 2pm on Friday afternoon and continued through the night. So, Saturday morning, though Luke had been sick all week with a fever virus, we all bundled up and headed out to play in the snow. Luke's first observation of the snow was "Now we won't be able to see dog poop!" Nice, huh?

We had a blast! We made a snowman, snow angels and we introduced Luke to snowballs and the thrill of eating snow. Because it was relatively warm while we were playing, we didn't think about little Lukey's feet getting cold. He was bundled up and I kept checking his face and hands and all was good. However, when we went inside and took off his wet shoes and socks, his little feet were pink and frozen! Poor thing!! We're pretty sure he didn't mention it to us because he was having so much fun eating snow (we know this because of the reaction we got when we told him we had to go inside and he couldn't keep eating the snow)!

Pretty big snowman don't you think?

Not sure if you can see this, but Luke has such a mischevious grin on his face--holding a snowball!

Luke just loved the snow!! He's still asking for more!!

Me and my little one (with a mouth full of snow)!


Anonymous said...

Loved the snow also. It was sad not having my children to run out and play in it with me. Had the dogs though and they had a blast. Luke is like his mommy for sure...she loved eating the snow. Cute pictures and a great snowman. I can't believe you used girlscout cookies for the eyes! ha ha love to all, Mimi

Mary said...

Okay, Luke looks absolutely adorable all bundled up with his snowballs!

And I'm sure Mocha enjoyed your snowman as well-at least de-sensitizing it by eating the eyes and nose!

Ashley said...

parker and i kept watching the news and were so jealous of your winter wonderland!! i still don't think little p has seen snow...such a shame! :) i love the pictures of luke. he's getting to be such a big boy!

miss you and hope you're feeling well too!

ferniBlog said... this point in the season, I'm having mixed feelings about the snow! :) But, glad you enjoyed and those are adorable pictures.

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