Saturday, March 1, 2008

I've been tagged. . .

I've been tagged, so here are 10 random things about me. I do recall writing a blog back in August about my 100 list, so I will try to vary this some.

1. I had a dentist appointment this past week. After almost 32 years, still no cavities!

2. I have an obsession with the Oscars. It's one of my favorite nights of the year! I love movies (or films, as they are referred to when discussing Oscar nominations) and I love the hype surrounding them. Really, you have no idea!

3. I've always loved chocolate, but I recently became a chocolate snob. My sweet hubby bought me a HUGE box of Godiva chocolates for Valentine's Day. I ate the whole thing in no time flat---not really a shocker. However, once the box was gone and I needed another chocolate fix, I tried some impostor type chocolate, one that would have been quite satisfying before Valentines, and it no longer was. Yikes--this could be an expensive addiction!

4. I'm stealing Ashley's here, but I'm the same way. I cannot stand going to sleep in an unmade bed. It has to be made before I can go to sleep. Therefore, I always try to make it first thing in the morning. However, there have been occasions when I haven't done so and have attempted to make it before getting into bed at night, only to be stopped by my husband, who thinks it's ridiculous to make it just to unmake it.

5. When I was pregnant with Luke, I seemed to crave ice cream a lot (typical from what I understand), but with this pregnancy, I've been craving Cherry Coke! Yummy!

6. I slept with my 2 favorite stuffed animals until I was 24 and had to give them up when I got married. I was actually sad and afraid to hurt their feelings when I couldn't sleep with them anymore. Yep, that's right--pretty crazy. I definitely prefer my husband to them now though! :)

7. Lots of my friends have girls and they obsess over buying cute clothes for them. Boys clothes are great, but admittedly not as cute as girls', so I tend to obsess over buying books for Luke. I really have a problem leaving a store and not buying him a new book. Plus, he LOVES them, so why not?? Right, honey??

8. Ever since I can remember, the number 8 has been my favorite number. It just so happens that Chad and I had our DTR (define the relationship) talk on the 8th, and because of both of the aforementioned, we were also married on the 8th! How perfect!

9. I really dislike Wendy's. When I was in college, the sororities and fraternities had receipt contests for charity with the goal being to see who raised the most money by eating the most at Wendy's. Our sorority always won and I got way too burned out on Wendy's.

10. I really want to run a half-marathon this year--I'm thinking the Memphis half in December. I've never run that far in my life and I'm putting that piece of info. on here so all of my readers can encourage me and hold me accountable to running---after baby is born, of course!

Yea! I did it! I am now tagging. . .Mandy, Sarah and Chad.


Mary said...

Okay, most of these I know...especially the Oscars, since one of my random things is coming up with the menu!

But Wendy's? You don't like Wendy's? You are my sister and I was not aware of this!

Ashley said...

I totally forgot about your 100 list. Thanks for playing along anyway. Those were fun! I didn't know about the Wendy's thing either!

Chema said...

Okay, seriously, Mary got on my case about saying "Dude" in my blog, but you used "DTR?!" That's way worse, man!

I, incidentally, do know about Wendy's since it gets rejected as a meal idea frequently.

Megan said...

Lindley - You don't know me, but I'm in M101 at church and found your blog through Amber's. I did the Memphis 1/2 marathon in December, although I did a mixture of running and walking. My goal is to run the whole thing this year, and I'm already training for it. You can do it!! In June, the Memphis Runners starts up their Women Run training program on Monday evenings. It would be a great way to train for the half with other women - if you are interested : )

-Megan Hulgan


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