Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Luke's first NBA game!

This past weekend Chad and I took Luke to his very first NBA game (our Memphis Grizzlies vs. the LA Clippers)! I was a little nervous about whether we should do it since the game wasn't going to start until after 7pm and his bedtime is at 7:45, but it was a lot of fun. I thought Luke would actually be interested in the game since he loves watching football and basketball on TV at home, but live and in person was very different. Turns out there was much more to occupy him than people running down the court. He LOVED the jumbotron, especially when it had Ford cars being advertised! Luke wasn't too thrilled with the loud time-out buzzers ("Mommy, that's loud for my ears"), but he did really well. He was happy to sit on our laps or in the seat between us and he cheered and said "Yea" when we made baskets (and occasionally when the other team did too). We think the first game was a success. We definitely didn't stay for the whole game, but it was a fun adventure! Unfortunately, the Grizz lost that night--they were too upset we left! :)

Luke--already mesmerized by the Jumbotron!

Luke in the middle of saying "Go Grizzlies!"

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Mary said...

Oh how cute, I wish I had been there...but I had to see my friends get engaged-yay!!

And too bad he had to meet tons of fun...hopefully he didn't flake anything on him.

P.S. Cute shirt biffer ;)


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