Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! It's obviously been a while since we last posted, but as I'm sure you were busy, so were we! We enjoyed lots of wonderful family time, celebrating the birth of Christ and ringing in the New Year.
Some highlights of the season. . .

1. Looking at the Christmas lights all over town and hearing Luke say "There's more Christmas lights!", "Ohhhh, I like those!" and "Those are pretty over there!" He couldn't get enough of them and we had to let him down gently when Christmas over, assuring him they'd be back next year.

2. Having Luke actually verbalize the meaning of Christmas and tell us that "Baby Jesus was born on Christmas day and he lives in heaven now" as well as participate in the lighting of the Advent candles at home and later chiming in about the candles during the Christmas Eve service at church!

3. Spending time with my family and adding new traditions to our celebration, yet still keeping old ones like watching Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve!

4. Seeing and hearing the excitement in Luke when reading new Christmas books and singing Christmas songs.

5. A wonderful visit with Chad's family in New Orleans after Christmas for our nephew's baptism.

I don't have a lot of pictures on my camera---it seems my parents captured more on their camera, but here are two I had to share!

Getting ready for the season!

Check out this smile on Christmas day!

1 comment :

Mary said...

Hahaha, that smile is so adorable! And I'm still laughing at Luke in church when somebody would walk off the stage and he'd go "Bye Bye!"...oh what a wonderful Christmas!

"Luke, what is this present? What's in there?"


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