Monday, December 3, 2007

Chad's half-marathon!

Chad ran in the Memphis St Jude marathon/half-marathon (his first half-marathon) this past Saturday! Luke and I couldn't have been prouder. Chad has been training so hard for so long and he made it! I had to wake Luke up early to get ready and go pick up some friends who were also going to watch their Daddy race. Luke's first words that morning were "Ready to go see Daddy race!" He was incredibly excited! We picked up our friends Dana, Parker and Coley and headed down to a spot near our zoo to watch the runners go by. There was so much excitement and enthusiasm oozing out of the crowd. The atmosphere was inspiring---so much so that I've already been heard saying I'm going to run in it next year!! YIKES!!! Who knows how I will feel after baby #2 and who knows when I'll have time to train, but for now, I want to do it!!
After they ran by, Dana, the kids and I then all rushed downtown to the finish line to find our husbands/daddies and to celebrate with them! I couldn't have been happier seeing Chad finish. He looked great and I was so proud. Even a couple of days later, Luke is still saying "Go, Daddy, Go!" I think he's ready for his daddy to run again! Way to go Honey--what a great accomplishment!

Luke in the back, with Parker and Coley. Their daddy trained with Chad, so we all carpooled down to the half-marathon!

Here's Chad in the middle of the run! Go, honey Go!!

Parker and Coley with their daddy! Great job, Kevin!

Yipppeee!! Chad finished his half-marathon! Way to go! Luke looks ready to run a half as well!


Ashley said...

Good job, Chad! That is truly impressive!! Lindley, I'm impressed that you are wanting to do it too. I can honestly say so far I have never had the slightest inkling to do something like that. Does that mean I'm lazy?

Miss Angie said...

I'm another lazy friend, thinking the same thing. I've never had a desire to do something like that. I have been to the marathon in Dallas when Melissa's husband ran it & it's amazing that people can run that far without crying (which is what I would do!) :)
Congrats, Chad!!

Mary said...

Work it Chad! Remember Biffer, I signed up to start training with you (we'll see how that goes)...


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