Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fun at the fair!

This past weekend was LOTS of fun! Saturday was of course full of college football and we had a blast watching the start of this wonderful season. Luke loved cheering and peering up from his toys to see what was going on with the football on tv. We never have the tv on during the day, except for special sporting events and college football in the fall, so he was intrigued! Luke enjoyed it so much that yesterday he asked for football and pointed to the tv. How cute!

We also made it to the fair this weekend. Though it wasn't technically the Mid-South fair that many of us grew up going to, it was still a fun fair---and it was in our neck of the woods--at the Agricenter! Luke was able to feed the animals at the petting zoo, had his first Pronto Pup (for those of you non-Memphians, these are corn dogs, but even yummier) and enjoyed watching rides and looking at a classic car showroom!

We now have Chad's parents, Luke's Nana and Poppy in town visiting and learning some ropes for when we dash off to some tropical islands on Friday! I'll try to post again before we leave. Stay tuned! Here are some pics from the fair!

Going in for his first bite of a Pronto Pup! Watch out, Mommy might snag a bite!

Mmmm, this is so yummy!!

Feeding the goats with Daddy!

These little goats sure are hungry and awful pushy too!

Luke and Daddy in front of a longhorn. This is for Poppy--Chad's dad went to UT--Texas that is!


Miss Angie said...

Which islands are you going to? That sounds fun! Are you ever on AOL AIM? If so - let me know your username so I can add you to my list. Maybe we can catch each other online & chat sometimes!

Mary said...

Um, I was not informed y'all went to the fair-NO FAIR! Haha. And the caption "Mommy might snag a bite"? Psh-ya, right--more like Luke is lucky to get a bite before his mommy scarfs it down! You were right though-I am proud-that he's eating pronto pups AND that he's learning to communicate with goats! Love y'all-have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how fun y'all went to the fair. However, I really hope the Mid South Fair does not go away! I know it is dirty and probably not that safe, but that is what the fair is all about! :) The Pronto Pups look yummy!

Anonymous said...

How adorable Luke looks at the fair. Looks like Luke is enjoying his pronto pup as much as his mommy. Good thing Aunt Mary wasn't there because she would have eaten his pronto pup! HA We're missing you as you are in Hawaii and plan on seeing Luke while you're gone. He's in good hands with his other grandparents, as you know. Love you Mimi


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