Saturday, May 12, 2007

Harbor Town fun!

Yesterday, after Chad got off work, we decided to head downtown to walk along the river (Memphis is located on the mighty Mississippi --in case you aren't familiar with TN's geography). It was a beautiful afternoon, not too hot like it had been earlier this week. I packed a dinner for Luke, since we were approaching dinner time and we headed for Harbor Town.

Harbor Town is an adorable upscale neighborhood located on a little island right on the river. There is a greenbelt--walking/jogging path that runs right beside the river, so everyone who lives in the neigborhood can exercise outdoors---it's fabulous!! They also have a grocery store, pizza place (how exciting), a private Montessori grade school, a language immersion childcare center and much more. It's like a resort right in the city of Memphis! We kept asking ourselves why we don't live there??

Anyway, we had a great time. Luke loved the open areas to run around in, he learned what a river was in Spanish, and had a yummy picnic! It was such a fun Friday night!

Luke posing with the Memphis bridge in the background!

Luke and Mommy looking down the river.

Luke had fun running along the hill. These are a sample of the houses on Harbor Town.

Daddy had to bring Luke back down the hill!

A barge heading down the Mississippi River.

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