Tuesday, May 8, 2007

bumps and bruises

People always warned me that once Luke started walking, running and was on the move that he would have tons of falls. They were right! In just the past 3 days, Luke has bitten a hole in his tongue (poor little man couldn't eat or sleep he was in so much pain this weekend), split his lip open and banged his head so hard that he had a big purple goose egg right away! That's all on top of the many bruises that run up and down his legs from playing so hard at life!

Fortunately, I am getting better at masking my face of horror that automatically leads to Luke crying when he sees it. It's true that if little ones see you wince in pain, they suddenly realize it hurts! Now, we try and give a quick comfort and tell him to brush it off. He then puts his hands together and proceeds to brush them off and is typically back to normal (of course depending on the fall). He's such a champ!

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ferniBlog said...

Ouch! Poor Luke! Noah fell this weekend and got a huge goose egg in the matter of about 2 seconds. My head hurt just looking at it. So, did you check your frequent flier miles?!?


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