Tuesday, April 3, 2007


My cousins (from my dad's side of the family) came into town on Sunday for a quick visit. We get to see them about once a year, but since they live in KY--not terribly far away--we think it should be more often! Ben and Luke actually share the same birthday and are 12 years apart. How fun! Janie and Ben are so incredibly smart and talented. It's fun to see them each year and how much they have grown up!

Janie was excited about getting in my parents pool, so we all went out to the backyard. Our little Luke walked straight to the pool and would have walked right into the deep end if we hadn't grabbed him! He has no fear and a HUGE desire to get into the pool. This summer should be fun when we actually have swim trunks and a "pool" diaper for him.

Janie and Luke (Luke can almost say Janie!)

Ben and Luke are exactly 12 years apart!

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