Thursday, March 29, 2007

family trip to the park

Luke and I have been spoiled this week with Chad taking some days off! I think Luke probably gets bored seeing me all day-everyday, so it's always fun having Daddy around! We went to the park Tuesday afternoon before much needed thunderstorms came. It was so much fun! We met a family there who had 3 kids (WOW) and their little 5 year old kept asking me to take her picture. I of course didn't mind, but she wanted me to print them out for her and unfortunately for her, I left our printer at home. It was too cute.

Anyway, Luke LOVES playgrounds. He has a blast going up the stairs and down the slides. When he sees playgrounds on streets as we pass by in the car, he calls out for them, with his "dagoo" word and gets really excited. It's very much like he does when he sees Super Target from a distance. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, our child's favorite store is Super Target. I'm including a picture of him sitting on one of the Target balls. Just look at his face. He loves the "red ball store" as Chad and I have to refer to it--so he doesn't get too excited if we aren't going there.

"Oh boy, we get to go to the playground!"

Climbing the stairs to go down the slide.

Getting through the tunnel is tough--it takes lots of concentration.

Mommy and Luke in the park!

"Thanks for letting me sit on the Target ball, Daddy!"


Ashley said...

Lindley, I'm loving your blog!!! He's just too cute. :)

Domestic Kate said...

He is such a little Chad with red hair! I found your blog from Amber's - we miss seeing ya'll at mentor group. We need to get together soon!

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

That's so funny Luke loves Target, I'm sure Jacks will too, we go there all the time! We love seeing you guys at storytime!


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