Tuesday, January 12, 2016

for when you feel like your half-bathroom

There's a little room in our house that gets used frequently. It's not our kitchen. Or our den. Not our bedrooms or the playroom. It's tucked away. You have to go through our laundry room to get there.

It's our half-bathroom.

This little tucked away space provides so much more than the obvious reasons one would use a bathroom. It's a place for experiments for the boys. The sink comes in handy for those! The boys tell me the bathroom is a wonderful place to read as well! ;) The boys use it to fill Glory's water bowl and to wash their hands after school and before dinner.

I use it, to retreat. If only for a few minutes. I head there to talk to my sister on the phone when our house is so loud and I can't hear her. I head there to discuss plans with Hubby that we aren't ready for the littles to hear. Or, for those times I call him at work and tell him that one little did such and such and I don't know how to handle it! Sometimes it's a place to cry. Sometimes it's a place to breathe. Sometimes it's a place to simply check Instagram!

And I was thinking yesterday, that this bathroom reminds me of myself. And maybe you too? Just take a look. . . Towels are, often, barely hanging on, there are footprints or smudge prints on the cabinets from when a boy tries to jump up to the sink instead of using the stool. There are footprints or smudge prints on the stool from when it does get used. The trash can is often used and often forgotten. Books are strewn across the floor. Random toys get left on the counter. And the paint on the walls is in desperate need of a touch up.

You know those days or months or maybe even years when you feel like you are barely hanging on? Does it sound familiar to walk around with smudge marks on your clothes or maybe on your heart? Sometimes you feel used or forgotten or never really noticed. Often times you find that random things clutter your mind taking your focus off of your purpose in life. And wow, don't we all need a new coat of paint?

Well, that new coat of paint for us, is grace from the Lord. He doesn't need us. He can do His plan on His own. But he loves us and uses us despite our smudges and shortcomings. Even when we are hanging on for dear life, and probably especially when we are hanging on for dear life, He extends grace to us. We can head to the hardware store in hopes of making ourselves fresh and shiny and new. We can treat ourselves like a DIY project. But only His love and grace and forgiveness can provide us with that new coat of paint we are all longing for!



Ashley said...

Love this, Lindley. So true. Thankful for his love and grace!

Unknown said...

Good one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Missing post from Morning Glories - come back please - love you


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