Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sun-kissed, sandy, salty and sweet!

I'm aware that our city is not the only city sizzling in this summer heat right now. But, oh my stars!!! The heat indexes and humidity may be the end of me!
We took all of our boys on a walk up to our church playground this morning--only a couple of miles away--but I knew it would be tough for them in the heat. We brought water and even a Frisbee to hold water so Glory (who came too) could drink. Everyone was doing fine on the way there. We had lots of fun practicing for American Ninja Warrior (our boys are pumped to be American Ninja Warriors, but they have to wait until age 21, yikes) at the playground!

But then, on the way home, obviously hotter than when we started, people struggled a little. One of them just couldn't keep scootering and had to walk (though that just made him hotter). And then there was me. My fair skin and born-winter-girl body was about to collapse. I decided to run while pushing Way, because the faster I get home, the faster I get cool--if I make it home!!

And yes, I made it home, but as I was running down our street, the heat kept rising and I could feel my desperation to get inside. Get out of my way, don't talk to me and get me inside or take me to the ER! Whew!!!! 107 degrees is nothing to mess with! ;)

So what do I do when it's sizzlin' at home? I reminisce about our lovely beach trip!!

It was just last month, when we were at the beach, and the sun was out, but it was glorious! Not too hot and the ocean water was so very inviting! Way loved watching the waves, sitting in the water, calling out "Go, Go GO!" as the waves came up to him and trickled back down. He was hardly phased when one of the waves knocked us over! And the bigger boys took to their body boards and Daddy, who made it safe for them to enter the waves with the red flags!

We love the beach. We are good at the beach. Ya know? This family "wings" things. We are on our own time table at the beach. Nowhere we have to go. Only places we want to go and when we want to go there. It sounds extravagant, luxurious even, to me. And it is. Some people want schedules, routines, a plan. We can handle them, but we do every other week of the year. So our week in Florida is always a welcome change!

We splurge on seafood dining too. Not much better than Smoked Tuna Dip! Mmmmmmm!!! And we discovered snow balls at one of our fave restaurants this year! A treat indeed!!

On the days we do leave our beach, we sometimes head over to Seaside and enjoy a meal, a book stop, some treats and maybe even a game of Frisbee! Or we head over to Baytowne for ziplining and trampoline bouncing and more seafood! Aahhhh, the beach life!!

But still . . . being down on the beach, playing in the waves, going for walks, reading, building sand castles, burying brothers or sons or Daddy--it's all a good Jackson family time!

So thankful for our family beach trips to Destin! #J6Destin2015 in the books!


Simply LKJ said...

Looks like y'all had a lovely time at the beach. Can't believe how blonde your one son is!

Molly Witherington said...

It's the best, isn't it!? I thrive on routine but have really enjoyed the lack of one this summer, particularly at the beach. I think I'll enjoy this more often as the kids get older and we move into more "forced routine" with so much school, etc. But as a stay at home mom with babies, oh, how I wanted routine! Wish I could've enjoyed the "do what we want when we want to" time that we had! Those boys are precious. That last pic should be a Honey Bee Tees ad.

As He Leads is Joy said...

Summer -- it looks like you are having a fun summer. We are learning that not all summers are hot as we enjoy the hoodies in our summer.


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