Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here I Am! Send me. (off on a mission trip in less than a week!)

Back in February, our church had our annual World Missions conference. The weekend is always one of my very favorite weekends of the year. I am inspired, enlightened, encouraged, challenged, and always heart-pricked each and every year. And this year's conference left me feeling no different. But this year, at the end of the conference, I felt a nudge from the Lord, telling me there was something more He wanted from me.

After several conversations with a sweet friend, who is leading a team to Kazakhstan, I found myself actually praying and asking the Lord if He wanted me to go on this trip. There were several reasons I wanted to go, but several reasons I was hesitant to go for 2+ weeks (leaving my 4 littles, one who would have just had heart surgery, and my Hubby behind, just to name a few). While I wasn't trying to find excuses to stay, I surely kept finding His answers that led me to go!

It seems like ages ago that I committed to going with a team of  6 other women to Kazakhstan. And now, I leave in less than a week! I am thrilled to be going to a couple of days early to Kyrgyzstan to meet with families who have children with Down syndrome. I will be sharing about our Way and his life and our life with him. I will be sharing about joy! These families we will be meeting with, live in a culture that believes people with Down syndrome and other special needs are cursed. It is heartbreaking and crushing and hopeless. We want to minister to them and also provide them with resources and information they don't receive from their government. We want them to see potential and possibilities in their children's future! I cannot wait!

While we are over there, we will also be in Kazakhstan ministering to moms of children with special needs. Some of these mothers have never been away from their children for one minute of their 20+ year old children's lives. They need encouragement and they need a break. They need to know how much the Lord loves them and their children!

There's so much more I want to share, but I hope to be able to update during our trip! For now though, I would so appreciate your prayers. I can share specific prayer requests if you email me @ lindleyjackson@aol.com or you can pray generally for travel safety, families staying back and holding down the fort and that the Lord would use us to glorify Him!

Thank you for following along and especially your prayers and support! Now, off to get ready . . .!


Simply LKJ said...


First, that picture of the boys is absolutely precious!!! And, I will be keeping you in prayer as you travel and minister to these other mothers of children with special needs. I am in the midst of teaching VBS hear. Such an honor to plant seeds in the hearts of little ones for Him!!!

Our Volunteer Family said...

I will keep you (and your hubby and kids) in my prayers. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. I know you will minister to so many moms.

Anonymous said...

Lindley - hoping you will beable to update us on your trip while there but if not we'll be patient and wait to hear all the wonderful things you did in ministering. Praying daily for you and the others while you're gone. Love you. Mimi/Mom


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