Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear (future) daughters-in-law,

Dear (future) Daughters in Law,

It's been a week. You know, a week. I know you've had them. Maybe after surviving your first semester, freshmen year in college, and then you return back to campus and think "I'm going to make it!" but it turns out you find yourself in a puddle of tears, missing your family, and you don't actually think you are going to make it.

Or maybe it was as you found yourself planning your wedding and you just couldn't agree on a guest list with your parents or a budget or anything and to top it off your future mother-in-law was driving you crazy (though I pray that will not be the case)!

I don't know what they've been about, but I know you have had those weeks where your heart breaks and you are just trying to hold on. It's part of life and it's rough.

I've had one of those weeks this past week. For me, it's been about my boys--one of the men you are now married to. I've been filled with fear and worry about almost all of them, over something, this past week. Not little things, but big things. Issues that I hope have past and been long forgotten as you read this. Nothing that needs to be brought up here. In fact, you may already know about these things and maybe they are like a drop in the bucket and no big deal. I am praying that daily now.

What I want you to know, though, is that if we aren't given "these weeks" it's impossible to rely on the Lord. It's difficult to rely on His strength. Why? Because sometimes, when all is going smoothly, you tend to think, "Hey! Look at me! I've got this! I can do this!" Or maybe you aren't that brazen but instead you find yourself grasping tightly and clinging on to something or someone because you think you are in control.

But you aren't. He is. And when the Lord uses "these weeks" in your life, it's His way of reminding you to look up to Him, not out at the troubled waters. I was reading from the Bible, in Mark 4 today, about Jesus' disciples being filled with fear when a great storm approached their boat. I sat on Jesus' words, "Peace! Be still!" as he commanded the winds and waves of the storm to stop. I thought, Yes! That's what I need! To hear Jesus telling me, "Peace! Be still!" But that wasn't all of the story.

He then asked his disciples, in verse 40, "Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?" And that's what really hit me. In my fears (rational or not) this past week, how have I been handling things? Certainly not with the faith I'd like to. But that little parable, one I've heard hundreds of times, was new to me again today. And I am thankful. Thankful that there will be storms, and that He is always with us!

So, dear daughter-in-law, when you've had one of those weeks. . .

 Trust in Him.   Read His Word.   Have faith.



Our Volunteer Family said...

I so needed this today. I have had one of those weeks as well. Thank you!

Simply LKJ said...


Michelle Adair said...

Love it! Thank you!

Unknown said...

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