Friday, November 15, 2013

FYI Friday: food, babies and sports, what else do you need?

I haven't been this excited for a Friday in a while--well maybe since the Friday we left for Disney--next post on Disney coming soon. Really. My sister informed me that I was being a tease on the Disney posts. So sorry! I want you salivating for Mickey! Not really, just takes time to get everything together! ;)

But back to me being excited for a Friday. Hubby has been traveling a lot the past 6 months with a leadership training program at work. So lots of travel on top of the work trips he already takes. Well, today he is done-zo! Hooray!!! That, on top of today starting cold and rainy, which I love (I might should live in Seattle), makes this day awesome!!!

And since it's Friday, I have several FYI's for ya!

1. Remember this post? It was the one where I shared a couple of sickness prevention and remedies. Well, I visited my allergist this week for a yearly follow up. I haven't needed antibiotics for a sinus infection since May. Why??? My allergist confirmed that me drinking Apple Cider Vinegar splashed in my water, has truly helped! I told him I actually like the taste of it! He does too. And, I told him that when my oldest boys back talk, their consequence is "sassy sauce", which is a Tbsp of, you got it, Apple Cider Vinegar. My doctor laughed and whole-heartedly backed me up. Said it was good for everyone's stomach, as well as sinus issues. So, high-five for ACV!

2. I am making Veggie Quinoa Chili tonight. And, I.Cannot.Wait. to try it!!! I've been off of my new quinoa recipes for a bit, but it's time to bust a new one out. Perfect day for it!! I'll be sure to share when I get the results in! It's gluten free, so stay tuned. Check over in the side-bar if you need a quinoa recipe now and can't wait for this one!

3. Baby Waybe had his 15 month check up today. Results: He's still a little underweight, that being due to the soy-milk he was on for a month. Don't worry though, he's back at the whole milk and we're putting olive oil in his veggies to fatten him back up. Whole everything and lotsa fat. Must be nice. The rest of the appointment went like this. "He's awesome!" We definitely agree!! I also have a much needed catch up post on Way, too. Coming. At some point. But this for now. . .

 You'd never guess he was underweight with those cheeks, right?!! Squish 'em right up!!

4. Our Baylor Bears have another big game tomorrow. We're ranked #5 and we are coming off a big win against Oklahoma. Tomorrow's game is at a neutral field, against Texas Tech, but I know the Baylor fans there will make our Bears feel at home. AND, I can guarantee we will be watching and cheering loudly. They may even hear us from Tennessee! Now, you are up to speed on college football! And since Waybe was waving above, surely he'll be doing the Sic 'Em Bears sign soon! For now, I'll let our Baylor Bear show ya how it's done!

5. And, I'll end with a confession this Friday. Our city has a radio station that starts playing Christmas music maybe beginning of November. I always steer clear of it, until December 1st. Just Christmas music in general, is not acceptable for me until December. Okay, maybe last year we started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. Anyway, our city also puts up Christmas decorations on the light poles down our busiest street. Those went up this week. Well, this cold and rainy day, and this lit up snowflake just called to me. I took a bite of the apple and flipped the station. Bing Crosby came on singing, of course, "White Christmas" and belted along as I tried to teach Miles and Way the words to this dreamy, Christmas song. I promise that I quickly changed the station back after it was over and will try to uphold the Thanksgiving standards I set for myself for here on out. Whew! I had to get it off my chest. Thanks.

Happy Friday!!  
Sic 'Em Bears!!

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Simply LKJ said...

Precious pics of the little one. Yes, we too will be watching the game tomorrow. Katie was going to drive up to see it, but is feeling under the weather so she is staying put (a bit disappointed). I have a little one in my Bible class whose mother went to Baylor...I have been teaching him "sic em bears" the past couple weeks. LOL The only thing I like about the wet and cold is that it makes me want to hunker down inside, so I actually get things done. LOL


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