Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dinner for 6: A recipe for conversation {A guest post at One Fun Mom}

If you could be a fly on our dining room wall, you'd be in for a treat! The crazy and hilarious antics of our boys at mealtimes (really at most times) never cease to amaze us! And the noise! Wow! If you have or have had littles in your house, or if you've been a dinner guest at our house, I know you feel me. Dinner time can be crazy!! But, it's also a sweet time to connect with your family!

I'm over at One Fun Mom today with a guest post on how our family attempts to cultivate conversations at mealtimes! I'd love for you to click here, drop by and share a few tips on how your conversations flow or just make me feel better by sharing a story of your three-ringed circus at dinner!

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Simply LKJ said...

I can relate to boys and the noise! One, I grew up with three brothers and two, I now teach 11 two year olds on Wednesday mornings (8 of whom are boys) for Bible class. No matter how busy our life became we made it a point to sit down together for a family meal every week night!


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