Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh, Fair!

Oh Fair Day! How I love you! When I was growing up, my parents brought me to you, the Fair. I loved every minute of . . .the rides, the colors, the people, the food, the sounds, the animals, the fun! And now, maybe my view has changed slightly. . .the rides (the $$ adds up so quickly), the colors, the people (trying hard to sucker us in to playing those rigged games), the food, the sounds, the animals (please wash your hands boys), but still the FUN!

And now, it's not about me anymore (except enjoying that Pronto Pup). It's about enjoying time with our family, teaching them lessons about money not growing on trees and being thankful for what we have. Now, Fair, I get to experience you from a whole different perspective, and that in and of itself is a perspective to embrace! It's about bringing good ol' fun to our boys--in a not-every-day kind of way! Fair, once again you provided a great day, albeit hot, for our family! Thank you! We had a blast!

The top of the Ferris Wheel provided awe, and we even scouted out our Pronto Pup stand. . .

While Luke and Daddy were waiting in a super long line to ride this cool roller coaster, Charlie and Miles were happy to devour some cotton candy! And maybe Mommy too!

Miles loved riding this Orca and also a train!

And Fair, this Labor Day, I just enjoyed it all---with my family!

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