Friday, August 16, 2013

FYI Friday

 A few very random things for this FYI Friday. . .but tell me #4 isn't the sweetest thing ever!

1. We are having our first-ever lemonade stand tomorrow morning! If you live in the area, stop by! It's sure to be an interesting event, seeing as how we live next door to a famous house, which is quite popular this particular week. . .we are expecting a lot of traffic!  Any tips on lemonade stands??

2. If you need a good end to your summer reading, check this book out. . .It's similar-ish to the Hunger Games, but different and difficult to put down as well! Yep, it's a young adult book, just like the Hunger Games, but you loved that didn't you?

3. In the past day, I've been to the grocery store 3 times--which isn't fun. All in the name of soy and almond milk. It seems Baby Way may be allergic to cows milk. So via our pediatrician's suggestion, we are trying other options. Problem is, they just don't have the fatty milk quality that whole milk does, and Baby Way is hungry! Bummer.

4. I posted this yesterday to Instagram. Love our boys' dentist office that has a glow in the dark room with movies playing while you wait! Cool pic, but the best part about it, was the quote from Charlie. Let me set it up. . .the movie playing was Disney's Tangled. We had just watched it a few weeks ago. Sweet little movie--we all enjoyed it. In the movie, there is a scene with floating lanterns and pretty colors and we were all captivated by the beauty of it. Well, that scene was on, yesterday, while we were waiting for big bro. I commented to Charlie how much I love that scene because it is so beautiful. His response, "Yes Mommy it is, but it's not as beautiful as you!" Melt. My. Heart.

Happy Friday to you!


Lauren said...

you're just cute! every time i read your blog i want to hang out.
and i'd LOVE to see the folks cruising around your house this week.
best of luck with the lemonade stand!!!! buy some elvis garb for your adorable crew to wear:)))

Sarah said...

We added cookies to our lemonade stand and the kids did well. Thanks for the book suggestion!

Anonymous said...

WOW - Charlie was sure taught right!! His Mommy is beautiful!!


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