Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chuckles is 5!

Our sweet little Chuckles! How can you be 5? So little, yet all heart and emotions, and you've such a desire to be big! In fact, you truly are growing up. Even if you are smaller in stature, and even if you have the cutest little voice and adorable way of pronouncing words, your mind and heart keep growing! We love it, Charlie! You may be our best communicator, explaining things until everyone understands each other--what a blessing you are!

Your desired theme for your birthday party this year was Angry Birds, much to my dismay. Why did I not want you to want that? Oh, because it's all grown-upish and I just didn't like the angry part about it. I don't play it, you only know it from Mimi and Grandpa's phones, but you've assured me that the Angry Birds aren't bad--they are just trying to destroy (hmmm) the bad piggies! Ha! Sometimes as a Mommy I want to hold onto control and shelter you from things, but I think letting this go isn't a bad thing, because really, it just isn't something bad in the whole scheme of life and in turn it helps me stay current! ;)

So Charlie, we went with it! You chose an Angry Bird Star Wars themed cake (our cake lady is awesome) and Angry Bird Space decorations.

We played a game with paddles and balloons pretending to be Angry Birds and piggies, and we used little discs and balls to knock down Angry piggies too!

Aunt Mary came to party too!
It was a different party for us, your first to have mostly school friends as opposed to family friends---which one day we hope to be the same! This is your first year at this school, so we're just getting to know everyone.You had fun and we are thankful! Thankful for your little buddies celebrating with you and just all around 100% thankful for who you are!

And, as per tradition, we had our first snapshot in the morning pic, which I lamented about on Luke's last birthday---isn't quite the first shot anymore, now that you get up and get dressed on your own, without us coming in to wake you! But here it is--your Daddy got up early to go out and surprise you with donuts from our fave donut place! Hooray! You had balloons too and were off to school! But since it was a half day for you, we got to celebrate by going to your favorite bookstore AND have lunch together AND you chose dinner at Five Guys--a fave for sure! Afterwards it was home for more cake and presents---which included a climbing rope (one of your biggest desires (let's forget the trampoline for now) and a new bike helmet--Angry Birds of course, a blue light saber and other fun things from your grandparents and aunt and uncle like golf clubs and Star Wars costumes and more Angry Bird toys!

It was a special day, because you are special Charlie!  Our Chuckles, our cuddlebug, fierce and loving, funny and caring, our 2nd little boy and a such an amazing blessing to us! We love you, Charlie, with all of our hearts! Our prayer for you always, is that you will grow up truly knowing and loving the Lord and shining his light to others. May this year be your best year yet! Happy 5th Birthday!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the birthday pictures!! So sorry we missed your birthday this year but we were there in spirit. Your cake is awesome!! Your Mom was so nice to let you have that cake!!. Love you all Mimi


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