Friday, December 28, 2012

the joy of Christmas

To be completely honest, I wasn't feeling all the Christmas joy the week before Christmas. People were sick, or grumpy. Lots going on. Lots to be done. Lots of sad things going on in the world. But, it hit me. Christmas isn't about me, or making me happy. Nor is Christmas about making our littles happy. Stores and society attempt to brainwash us that Christmas is about making kiddos happy. Sometimes, okay, every year, I fall into that line of thinking. Don't get me wrong. We love giving our children presents, and other family members as well! We love giving freshly made goodies to our friends too. But all of that is just bonus! What Christmas is really about, and you probably know this, is the birth of Jesus and how he became our greatest gift ever. But I was struggling to have that in the forefront of my mind the week before Christmas. I am very thankful for a dear friend of mine, who shared the same feelings of lacking Christmas joy, and we both prayed for each other to find that joy.

And you know what, I did! The Lord refreshed my heart just before Christmas and I am thankful! This Christmas Eve, we went to 2 services at church, back to back. I was nervous, but it was wonderful. We have a children/family service in the afternoon. Our family has never been to it, but this year our boys were in the video the church makes each year. They were interviewed about their thoughts on Christmas and we didn't want to miss it. Now, Miles was a handful, and it wasn't so much of a worship service for us, the way we normally think of worship service, but in fact, it was worshipping to have so  many of our church families there, eager, on the night before Christmas. Then, following the family service, we stayed for our candlelight service. My very favorite part of Christmas is this service! I wish I could put it into words, but I cannot. Love it. And after looking at Christmas lights following the service, our littles were eager for bed, because they were really anxious for the morning, as little kiddos just are on Christmas Eve! And with the reading of Luke 2, they were off to bed!

Christmas this year was spy watches and cameras (Luke and Charlie's only request) and books, a pogo stick and an easel, remote control cars, walkie talkies and a replacement ride on Mater for Miles, who calls himself, Mater. It was presents, sure, but for me, it was a whole lot more. It was about growing up some and experiencing Christmas joy all over again! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

(his pure elation, upon receiving his above request--love this boy!)

 The 6 of us at my parents house on Christmas Day! Thanks for the love and fun on Christmas Day, Mom, Dad, Biff and Kevo!

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