Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Christmas card flops

One of our favorite things about the Christmas season, and I know I've mentioned it before, and I know I'll mention it again, is mail time!!! We LOVE going to get the mail to see the faces of our friends and family! In fact, it's almost a fight over who gets to actually open the mailbox!!

Anyway, this year, our card was of just our boys. We managed to secure a time to head out to the Botanical Gardens and I got to snap away! "They" say that in order to get 1 good photo, you have to take 100 shots! Well, I pretty much had to do just that! I do love the 1 shot that turned out, but I had to share several of the flops, because they are just too funny! I'm sure that behind every delicious Christmas photo card we got this year, this was going on too! If not, do share your secret!!!

Christmas card flops 2012 
Hee hee

First up, we have praying Charlie! I'm thinking he's praying he doesn't drop Way. That, or he's praying for his crazy big brother! Yikes!

 Next, we have a decent . . .oh wait, what's wrong, Miles?

 This one, we attempted the 4 boy stack. But for various reasons, (Miles) it wasn't going to work either.

 Here, Luke looks a tad disinterested, but more concerning would be Miles about to eat baby Way! Don't worry, he was really going in for a kiss!

 And finally, well, you take your pick on this one!

Always so much fun getting the pics, but even more  fun when we find the winner!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!! And thanks to my good friend, Kelly, who put our card together! Check her out at LibbyLu Designs if you need cards done for next year!



Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Love...ccj

Lauren said...

but, the final result was pretty cute!!!

Aunt Mary! said...

These made me so incredibly happy...


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