Wednesday, November 7, 2012

our vote is for baby Way! 3 months. . .

Whew! Election 2012 is over! I personally think we all should have just voted on who's the cutest little baby around these days. I'm quite confident our little man would've won! Baby Way is now 3 months old!

He's super into blowing raspberries and finally starting to smile more--even social smiles!! And check out these blue eyes! Can you see them? They are still newborn blue---just wondering if/when they will change over. All 3 of our other boys have brown eyes, as do Chad and I.

 Here's Baby Way in his latest bath pic--he's just so much bigger than his first bath pics I posted! Still lovin' bathtime too! Thank goodness! Some friends gave us the most comfy, softest, cuddliest bath towel in the whole. entire. world. I want one for me!!! Way absolutely loves it! I caressed his cheek with it this afternoon and he smiled! Oh precious baby!!


Love you, love you, Baby-Wayby!


Lauren said...

i vote baby way too! he is beautiful.
finally, my guy wins!!!:)))

Molly Witherington said...

I'd have even voted for him as President! He'd probably do just as much as either of the other choices! Certainly cutest baby, though. Lindley, he is precious and you are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Way definitely wins my heart and my vote!! Love the puckered lips!! Love Mimi


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