Wednesday, October 17, 2012

right now

Right now I am . . .

listening. . . to the pouring rain beat down on our back porch
feeling. . . thankful to the Lord for giving us good news at Baby Way's cardiologist appointment and closing the holes in his heart

wondering. . . when mosquito season is going to end (they keep finding their way in our home and eating little  Charlie and hubby alive)
planning . . . on making these yummy fall treats with my littles tomorrow

smelling. . .the lingering scent of beef stew that a sweet friend made us for dinner
and now
listening . . .to my little toddler scream out for his Mommy in the middle of his sleep---better run for now!


Suzanne said...

LOVE it!!! Clay told me that wonderful news about sweet way!! WOOHOO! I passed you today pulling out of gtown methodist! Both of us on the phone...geesh!

Domestic Kate said...

So thankful for a great report!

Lauren said...

i love your 'right now'
it's wonderful when you can savor the moments!
and i love the report on baby way!


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