Saturday, October 13, 2012

FYI Friday (on Saturday) favorite moments

Okay, so once again my FYI Friday post isn't on Friday, but hey, I'm only 1 day off this time. I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she said, "Our week has been so crazy, but I can't seem to put a finger on why!" Well, I must say, our week has been so crazy too, but I can put my finger on every bit of it. We had soccer and therapies and well-baby (kid) visits and flu shots and birthdays and birthday parties and a field trip. Just go, go go! It was a fun week, but I'm just glad it's over. Now we can breathe, and that's what we are doing today! Enjoying this awesome weather and going nowhere!

So here are my favorite moments of the week. . .dominated by our older kiddos this week. . .

Charlie's first soccer game. He's small in stature, but he's ALL heart! He was awesome out there! More on his soccer to come later. . .

My flash was having some big ol' problems on Luke's birthday night, but no worries, because I got this shot! Look at the pure excitement on his face after opening this present! Ecstatic! Love it!

I was able to go on Charlie's big field trip to the pumpkin patch this week. We had a great time! After getting home, I asked Charlie what his favorite part was, and his first response was the. . .bus ride!! Hahaha! Can't you tell by this face?? He loved it!! Loved being up so high (we were on a tour bus-type bus) and thought it was crazy that there were no seat belts! So cute! Thanks for having me join you, Chuckles!

Fun, crazy week!

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Aunt Mary! said...

Fun crazy weeks rock - but it's nice to follow it up with a relaxing weekend sometimes!

Love the excited face - oh the wonders of Super Mario and friends!


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