Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joy to the world!

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I last posted. I usually try to never go that long without posting, but I just couldn't help but soak up family time and of course was busy trying to get things ready for Christmas! I really can't believe it has come and gone already---in a flash it was here and in a flash it has passed!

This was the year that both of our oldest boys understood the real meaning of Christmas! Charlie pointed out every "ah-tivity" scene he saw. The boys talked about Jesus being our most important gift ever. Joy to the World and Silent Night topped their most requested list at family devotional time. And while Santa wasn't as big of a focus, we were still excited about him! The boys loved seeing him at the Alpine Village and thought that was the best part of the entire event! He was SO nice! We enjoyed making cookies with Mimi and Grandpa and left some for Santa on Christmas Eve. Sprinkling reindeer food in the grass for Santa's buddies was fun too! This was the Christmas of Birds of Prey (books, posters, wings, toys) and Superheroes (books, toys, costumes, clothes) and balls (every size, color and flashing)! And usually, Christmas Eve service is one of my favorite moments of Christmas--a time when I can truly feel worshipful and joyful and full of anticipation--but this year, having Christmas on Sunday, was amazing and Chad and I wishing Christmas could always fall on a Sunday! How wonderful it was, to have family time and open presents at home, but then to go and worship and celebrate Jesus' birth, at church, on his birthday!!!

Oh, it has come and gone, but this Christmas was really special! Joy to the World, the Lord is come--indeed!!


Aunt Mary! said...

I so totally want to squeeze all of my Pookers right now. They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Love that opening shot of M.


Anonymous said...

So cute and precious!! Love Mimi


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