Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

Our sweet baby is 1 year old now! Every milestone that comes, I find myself saying, "It's hard to believe!" Sure enough, it is! What a fun-filled and truly blessed year it has been with little Miles in our lives! He keeps us dancing and rockin' out with his little tongue clicks and side to side head bobbin! If ever we are distracted or flustered with life, Miles' sweet face and smile and seaching eyes meet ours and we can't help but melt into smiles right back! 

As with all birthdays in our house, we greet the birthday star with singing! Miles didn't know what hit him, but he sure loved being serenaded!

Miles' birthday party was small and intimate, with only a smattering of family. Bigger brother, Charlie, had the stomach bug the day before and we were in the midst of Wedding Week for Mary and Kevin, so a family party was just what we needed! Nana flew in (Poppy arrived the next day) and Mimi and Grandpa braved the remnants of the stomach bug to come give birthday kisses!

We started in the afternoon with some present openings. After already having 2 boys, what does a 3rd 1 year old in the family need, anyway? Not a thing, but of course, big brothers had to get Miles' something. . .a new musical sea creature bath toy--that he loves! Chad and I got him his own iPhone. I don't even have one of those. We really didn't get him a real one. It's a toy one that plays all different tunes and fits perfectly in his hands. He loves it too! But the real hit of his birthday came via the attic. The beloved toy from our other boys--the Learn and Play or Laugh and Learn Home, don't remember the name. He adores it, and so do our older boys---still!! They were all thrilled with this present!!

And after presents, we, of course, had cake! It was time for Miles' very first bite of sweets! Our wonderful cake lady (call me if you need one) made a perfect and delicious tractor cake for Miles, as tractors and barns are some of his favorites. He loves Margaret Wise Brown's Big Red Barn book! Miles wasn't sure what to do at first. He got some on his hands and was concerned. Got some in his mouth and made a yucky face. Got more in his mouth and had second thoughts---maybe it wasn't so bad after all? And then finally, after playing in it for a bit, he was much more interested in the balloons above him and was ready to get down and play!

What a fun time we had celebrating our little Miles (aka Miles a Moo, Milesy, My-yull, Baby Goodness)! You are such a blessing to us, Miles. We love you with all of our hearts and have treasured your first year of life! We are looking forward to each day we have with you and so thankful for the gift the Lord gave us on Sept. 28th, 1 year ago!

Miles' 1 year old tidbits:

--big-time cruisin' but not walking yet
--is a maniac for the stairs and will make a bee-line for them if the gate is down; can make it up the stairs faster than you can say Lightning McQueen
--loves books and has said book, though usually says "ook"
--is a cracker fanatic
--sleeps with his monkey lovie (maybe named Bud-Bud, Stripes or Mono--his parents can't agree on a name and it may just become He-Who-Doesn't-Have-a-Name)
--adores music and going outside and his brothers and Mocha and the computer wires in the office


Anonymous said...

Love it. Thanks, Babe.


Heather said...

He is so cute! Don't you think you need 4 boys? ;)


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