Monday, September 12, 2011


One of our little treasures caught the stomach bug and after a day of washing, cleaning and quaranteening (it actually could have been a lot worse), I needed a little therapeutic outlet. Blogging is that for me, so here's what's been caught lately (other than the stomach bug). . .

Caught: a precious little one finally able to crawl. This is completely overblown, but I love it!!

Caught: Luke reading the newspaper in the kitchen all alone. After we snuck in on him, he told us all about the hunter who was lost in the woods and had to eat worms and grubs to stay alive! So thankful he is such an avid reader, but it sure is scary to find him reading the newspaper with some of the sad and disturbing news out in the world these days. Glad this article was the one he found!

Caught: Charlie giving his little brother a hug! I was actually slipping quietly into the kitchen to watch the interaction going on between Charlie and Miles and crept around our island to get a better view. When I saw what was happening, I said something like, "Aww sweetness!" and they both turned their faces to me, suprised I was anywhere near!

Caught: All 3 of my Angels, flyin' their Blue Angels and SR-71's. Precious moments.

Caught: Somebody playing peek a boo!

I kinda like these caught in the act random pics. Next time, I hope my post won't be inspired by someone who was caught with the stomach bug!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable caught post! Thanks.



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