Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the time has come. . .

For a couple of weeks now, I've been a little emotional at the thought of Luke starting Kindergarten this year. Who am I kidding? It's actually been since the last day of school in May. Maybe even before that! Don't get me wrong, I love that he is growing up and I'm so excited about all that Kindergarten will be, all that he will learn and how he will grow and change this year. It's going to be a blast! But, what I've been dreading is the five full days a week my little boy will be off at school. This is big time now and off he will be for the rest of his school life. My little baby, in a uniform, off and away.

Luke has been really excited about starting school. His main reason---he gets to have lunch at school and bring his lunch in his new Cars 2 lunch box. I was telling a friend the other day about how my desire would be for him to have one of those cute, classic, simple designed lunch boxes, say in navy. But, I had to give in. It's just something not to battle. It's a way he can express himself and he's excited. Why squash that? Sure, he'll be *done* with his Cars 2 lunch box, but let him enjoy for now.

Something I am looking forward to this year, is some sweet time with Charlie and Miles. Charlie will be at a Parents Day Out for 2 days a week (equivalent to PreK age) but at home with me the other 3 days. I'm looking forward to having Mommy/ Charlie school and playdates together, as well as growing the bond between Charlie and Miles. As Charlie has been at PDO before, it hasn't been as big of an emotional pull. He's still with me and I'm soaking it up!

Charlie has, though, been feeding off Luke's excitement about school--thank goodness. Last year he had a hard time when we dropped him off at school. He definitely did not want to go in the class or have us leave (of course he raved about his day when he got home)! So, the past couple of weeks, we've been building school up. Charlie's main reason for being excited about school is that he will get to play with his friends!

So the big day came! We layed out clothes the night before, packed the backpacks, got the first day of school pics and headed off. Of course, I left my camera at home and had to bring it back today for the second day of school pic. . .as Luke's teacher said, "Hey, at least you got him here!" Amen to that! Getting 3 kiddos ready and out the door early, to fight traffic, is NOT an easy task! Ahhhh, I'm missing our summer sleep schedules already!

(this pic was taken today, because I forgot my camera yesterday)

I managed to say goodbye to Luke and Charlie without any tears, until I was driving home and heard Taylor Swift's song, "Best Day." I think that's what it's called. The boys call it the Mommy Song, because Taylor Swift is singing to her Mommy. She starts out by singing as if she was 5 years old. And so I lost it! This entire summer I've spent looking at Luke like he was SO old and big. And he is. But, when I walked him into his class and he was shy, and learning the ropes, he was little again. We said hi to his new classmates, and they were shy and it was just a precious picture of innocence. Still wanting their moms, still quiet on the first day of school. So, so sweet. And for Charlie it was the opposite. He still seems so little at 3, but on his first day of school, he was big! He walked on in and was elated to be at school! He showed his teachers his lovie, Froggy, and was off to read books. So very different from last year when we had to push him into his classroom. Charlie was all grown up in one sense, though still clutching his lovie and itty bitty and adorable. So I blame Taylor Swift for sending me over the edge. If you listen to that song, you will be over the edge too. Children or no children. It makes you want to be a child again and go cling to your Mommy's legs too.

And so now that the first day is behind us, I'm relieved. I am beyond thankful to our Lord for giving us our little treasures, big and small at the same time. So thankful that He has entrusted us to care for them and love them with all of our hearts. And while our babies won't be in our hands for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anymore, we are confident that the Lord has them in HIS hands, and that is the safest place they can be!


Anonymous said...

You were great getting them excited about school!

love - ccj

Molly Witherington said...

What a big boy! I sorta dread the full day Kindergarten. I even teared up dropping Kate off at Pre-K! He looks so cute in his little uniform with his backpack!!!

Brittany said...

Precious pictures. I can't even think about the day I drop Austin for 5 full days a week.

Elisabeth Mills said...

Cute, cute boys! I will be following your lead here in a few weeks!

copskid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
copskid said...

awesome family :-) do you have a youtube account or facebook page? facebook.com/jguillebeau1


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