Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sunflower season

As you can see in our header, our sunflower tradition continues! It may or may not be my husband's favorite photo shoot. I'll let you guess. What, with the 100+ heat indexes and children who are more interested in making silly faces or running wild and free along the sunflowers, while the wife is desperate to get a sweet and perfect shot of her angels. . .what, you don't think it's Chad's favorite photo shoot of the year?

Well, you are right. It's not. But, because my husband is AHmazing and loving and selfless, he indulged me and off we went! This was also Miles first out of belly appearance at the sunflowers! He is 10 months old now. We started this tradition when Luke was 10 months old. Check out these 2 pictures.

I mean are they not identical as babies???!!! I can't even believe it!

Thanks Babe, for getting behind the camera and capturing your biggest fans!! I love you! ;)


Lauren said...

stunning pictures!

Anonymous said...

How precious! I do love your sunflower pictures and look forward to them every year. Love Mimi


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