Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hoorays and boos and God's plan

Lately, I've tried to focus my morning prayers on thanking the Lord for the day He is laying out before me. Praying that His will be done. Praying that when I have hiccups in my plans for the day, that I might realize they aren't really my plans, but in fact are His. So here's the start to our day. . .

This morning I woke up to my alarm, set at 6:48, hooray, because it means a certain newest member of our family didn't wake me up before that. Usually it is set earlier because I like to be up, showered, dressed with make up on before tending to the kiddos. However this morning, my lovely sister ran carpool, hooray, because my car is in the shop, Chad is out of town, and it takes a good 30 minutes to get all 3 kiddos buckled in his non-SUV, meaning I didn't have to wake as early. So, the aforementioned little one decided to sleep until 7:30, hooray normally, but today boo, because as I am quickly trying to get Lukey down for breakfast and feed Miles his bottle, Charlie also wakes up and decides THIS morning, boo, is the morning he will tell me for the first time that pee-pee is about to come out, hooray, and runs to the potty, hooray! So that means Miles' bottle gets put on hold, boo, Lukey's breakfast is cold and uneaten, boo, and we all parade into the bathroom to see if Chuckles will finally produce in the potty. Sure enough, he did, BIG hooray!! So, I, elated, jump for joy and knock down the shower curtain, scaring poor Charlie with his arms protecting his head, boo, and quickly check to see if there is any emotional damage. There is none thus far, hooray, and we give hugs, high-fives and dole M&M's out! We then all rush downstairs and Luke devours his breakfast, while Chuckles is on and off the potty another half dozen times, partly out of pure amazement that pee-pee came out, hooray, partly motivated to wear big-boy underwear like Lukey, hooray, and partly for M&M's, boo, but hooray too--whatever works! Luke heads off to school, Miles finally get his bottle an hour late, boo, but he was fine, so hooray!

And our day continued with a poop explosion so big it went all the way up to the back of baby's neck and was deep under my fingernails, BIG boo! It was also filled with doggy throw up all over our kitchen rug, boo--why do dogs always find the carpets or rugs??? But on top of that, our day was filled with elation when an old, funny board book was found, hooray--we read it 50 times over and yogurt with dinner, hooray (so easy to please sometimes)!

Today made me laugh--it was pretty comical all that went on. It's so nice and comforting that even the small details in life are part of His plan! Sometimes though, there are big hiccups in life. My friend, Jennifer, has a close friend who is having a MAJOR hiccup, to say the least, right now. I also pray that should we have a MAJOR hiccup in our life, I may be able to trust and remember the same thing. . .please pray for this family, whose 5 year old little girl has cancer. Sometimes it seems that Jeremiah 29:11 can become cliche, but it says the Lord has plans for us--to prosper us and give us hope. Let's cling to this. . .that the Lord has everything worked out already!


Colleen said...

Thank you for sharing so honestly and openly...I have been spending my quiet times lately on Proverbs 3:5 Lean on, Trust in and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding...Seems like I have to remind myself every hour sometimes that it's not MY plans and to really TRUST IN AND RELY ON CHRIST! Soooo thank you, for yet another reminder~ it is sooo overwhelming in a good way to see someone talking about it on their blog. It is encouraging to me :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, babe.



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