Wednesday, January 12, 2011

welcome snow!!

We just had our first snow of the new year and of course, we were beyond thrilled! I made it back from a weekend of wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister, and exited the airport to pouring down snow!!! As I walked inside to greet all of my boys, they were giddy (partly because I was home, but probably more for the snow)!! Daddy had already taken them outside to dance in the big flakes! He took this photo, which I thought was so cool--a reflection of our kitchen (with our Christmas cards still up) and the snow just starting to fall on the boys!

We ended up with between 3-4 inches of snow. Which was perfect! Just enough for Chad to stay and play a bit in the snow before eventually heading to work. A snow with beauty, just right for snowballs and snowmen, warm fires and snowcream! I told the boys about my mom (their Mimi) making my sister and me snow ice cream or "snowcream" when we were little girls. They thought that was the best idea ever, so we pulled out the vanilla, sugar, milk and then grabbed a big bowl full of snow! Our first attempt wasn't quite right---most definitely too much vanilla and not enough sugar or milk. Our second go around, with the right measurements was spot on and YUMMY! Brought back lots of fun memories for me as well!

Highlights of our first 2011 snow!

I love this pic of Luke--concentrating so hard on hitting a golf ball in the snow. I also love that this pic coloring is unedited--his lips and skin are that color!

Snow--we hope to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks, babe.


Wani said...

Gotta love snow days! ;-)


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