Friday, November 5, 2010

3rd annual--Things I'm loving right now

It's time again for my Things I'm Loving Right Now post! I received a package in the mail yesterday that I have been anxiously awaiting! It surely jumpstarted this post---which turns out---might be handy for some Christmas ideas. . .here goes. . .and if you missed the past couple of years, they are here and here. . .

1. My newly updated Lisa Leonard Designs necklace!!! I absolutely with all of my heart love my necklace that my sweet hubby and boys got me for Mother's Day last year. It has a charm for ALL of my boys and our anniversary too. Newly added to my necklace is a charm for Miles. I couldn't be happier! Her jewelry is fantastic and you can choose from so many things. Check her out!

(little blurry, but you get the idea)

2. If you live in our city then you probably know about Muddy's. If not, then you are missing out. Sorry. Muddy's is well known for their delicious treats--especially cupcakes. However, what I am loving right now is their Mom's spiced tea mix. It is heaven---the smell of fall, Christmas and when I drink it I feel like I've been to the spa and back----so yummy and relaxing!! Go get some!

3. Although our microwave decided to break last night--BIG bummer--these microwave bags are SO handy! It saves us from handwashing bottles after every single bottle, like when we feel a little lazy, and what person with a new baby doesn't feel that?? You get them at Target or Babies R Us or maybe anywhere. We love them! Maybe someone you know needs a stocking stuffer? They will love you!

4. And, while you can't just go buy one of these, he's another thing I'm loving right now!


jillemersonbell said...

I love your necklace! I just showed it to Joel and told him I want one for Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you love all of those things, but, speaking of lazy.... It would be even MORE better to just have those bottles clean themselves. Oh! Or to have 2,555 of the bottles (but make them biodegradable / recyclable, of course) so that Miles could have a bottle up to 7 times a day for a whole year, and we could just toss the bottles when we're done! Yes...that would be even more than more better.


Aunt Mary! said...

Hee hee...#4 is my favorite. Too bad he's not available in stores!

And I'm judging from Chad's comment that perhaps for Christmas, 2,555 bottles might be a GREAT stocking stuffer? Since, you know, I've gotten 0 ideas!

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Mary, chad has ideas. They just likely wouldn't pass the pre-screening process.



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