Friday, August 6, 2010

We held our breath. . .again!

And though we had serious conversations of Chad quitting his current job and moving our entire family to Kauai, we came back home, reality set in, and life goes on. . .

So, in other news. . .our little Charlie is now in a big boy bed! A really big one in fact. We moved him from his crib to a double! Actually, we made this move a week before we left for Hawaii. We sure were holding our breath (you may remember the last time we did this here) again! It could have been disastrous and led to a discipline problem for my mom or Chad's parents while they watched the boys. But. . .so far, an entire month into the process and everything is great!!

Charlie loves his new bed and new room--so much so that he often wants to play in his room so he can play and jump in his bed--which is currently a no-no if we aren't around. We set the same rules for him that we did for Lukey when Luke moved from his crib to a single: No getting in OR out of your bed without Mommy or Daddy! It worked like a charm for Luke. He never really played in his room without us (you know how it is with the firstborn--they get all of your undivided attention). He certainly never got in or out of the crib at bedtime or naptime. Little Angel.

As far as bedtime and naptime have been going, Charlie too, has proven to be an angel. Hold on, let me knock on some wood. Okay, done. He lays right down is his bed that practically swallows him up, surrounded by his lovies and a paci and stays in bed!! Now we just need to work on him when he's playing in his room with his brother. He's climbed in and out of bed several times knowing he's disobeying. But, hey, our main goal was to keep him from getting out at night and in the morning, and he has been a champ!! And, just like with Lukey moving into his big boy bed, I got a little teary with Charlie too. My littlest baby is growing up!! And if one more person tells me "He is looking like a big boy instead of a baby now" my horomonal self might punch them in the face! Just kidding. Maybe.

Daddy reading the boys some books in Charlie's new room, the first night to be in his big boy bed!

Charlie's super comfy bed--his lovies await!!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for the link back to the other for a reminder. things are different!


Aunt Mary! said...

What if somebody tells you he looks like a big boy online, via a comment? Will you punch them in the virtual face?

(Disclaimer: Nobody that you may or may not be seeing tonight would ever say such a thing - they are just expressing their curiosity about a completely hypothetical situation)

Anonymous said...

love his sweet angelic face...and all the STUFF in his bed! ;-)
-jthompson said...

JIm said that he would quit his job as a preacher and sell sunglasses on the beach in Hanalei....I had noticed by the cute green church in Hanalei that there was a school...everybody needs a math teacher right? I think they would hire me....!!!! We were tempted!!!
Jane Barnes


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