Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hawaiian rainbows!

Over the course of our trip, we saw 21 rainbows! We saw multiple rainbows everyday except one I think. Absolutely beautiful and often, they took my breath away. We even saw a full-on double rainbow! (Okay, maybe it wasn't full-on, but have you seen that YouTube video circling around yet? Too funny!) I had a conversation with Luke recently about rainbows and trying to find the ends of rainbows. I'd never actually seen the end of a rainbow, but on this trip, we saw the ends of them and even once, saw the both ends of the same rainbow, in Hanalei Bay! Luke was thrilled to hear our rainbow count when we got back home! My friend, Betsy, has asked me since our return if that meant it rained a lot while we were there. Actually it rained almost everyday for a quick 5-10 minute shower, but mainly in the early mornings over the mountain range in front of us, so we woke up to rainbows, but the rain never stopped our plans! Perfect!! God's promise to us was everywhere!! I tried blowing these pictures up for you, but the format of this post cut too much of the rainbows off. You can, however, double click to see the pictures x-large!

3 comments : said... is PARADISE! My husband Jim loves to take pictures as much as Beth does and he had as much fun trying to capture the rainbows as you did. I don't know if you knew this but a year ago, a week before we arrived in Princeville, Hanalei Bay had just been voted the number one beach in the world....can't you see why? We loved the old concrete dock there and had a great time watching the sunsets from that dock.

EBW said...

Is this last picture for REAL?!? Wow!

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Wow all of these look so vibrant and colorful, love the pictures. Your trip must have been so amazing with all these natural wonders right in front of you. Hope to hear more about it soon.


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