Monday, July 12, 2010

an alley and train tracks

I did a photo shoot for some friends in early June for a Father's Day present. It was fun and nice to have subjects that stayed still for some quality shots! It has been a while since I've done a photo shoot of my own boys though. Well, unless you consider everytime I pull out my camera a photo shoot---which I do not. Anyway, this weekend, a weekend that was finally free of any place to be, we decided to head to Colllierville, a favorite place for our boys! I brought my camera, a part of the plan, and tried to get some good shots of the kiddos. Definitely tough because they just go and go, (which actually is part of the fun--capturing their variety of entertainment) I was thankful to have my hubby corral and encourage them throughout the shoot! I've posted a few other pics here, but thought I'd post some here too since most of you visit here more often! Got it?

Probably my favorite of the shoot. . .

See ya later!

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