Thursday, December 3, 2009

If Tiger was my friend, I might say this. . .

Hey Tiger--

As your story began unfolding this week, I commented to several friends and family members that I would be sending you a stocking full of coal this Christmas and that if I saw you I might bash you with your golf club as well.

However, that being said and truly felt, I am also very sad for you and your family right now. I think what you did was really scummy and low and hurtful. Your poor wife and kids. You made a mistake and you and your family are now paying for it. But, you are in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. Your transgressions are made public when millions of other people in our country are not. That stinks. I'm sad for you because through our human eyes, the world is judging you right now. I will admit that I am judging you right now. Your transgressions are at the top of my "worst" list. In fact, not all that long ago, I wouldn't have had any sympathy for you. Too many people we know have been hurt by the very things we are being led to believe you did. But, in the past few years I've really come to understand that we are all sinners (even if you are placed on a pedestal). I am no better than you or the next guy, or the next mom, or the next wife, etc.

So, here's the thing. There is good news for you out there, Tiger. The Lord sees ALL of our sins as equal AND he forgives AND he forgets. Maybe society ranks sins from minor to major, but God does not. Do you know that? It's hard to believe and understand why, but it's true. Your life is not going to be easy for a while. God's grace is so relieving. I'm praying if you don't know that now, you will soon.



amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

You're awesome Lindley!

mrchrishill said...

We all have the potential for GREAT sin in our life. Small decisions are made each day to where our lives will point. I pray those small decisions will become GREAT testimonies of Christ and not GREAT uncoverings to my sin.

Thanks Lindley for sharing.

Anonymous said...

and your pictures are really good in your header. class is paying off. ;)


Ashley said...

lindley, your pics at the top of the bog are GREAT!!!

The Robinsons said...

beautifully said.

beeee-oooooo-tiful pictures!


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