Thursday, November 5, 2009

a little change and a dinner showdown!

It's a new month and with a new month, I was in the mood for some change. So, the blog got a new look! I figured that was a lot easier than a new wardrobe (though not as much fun maybe) or painting our beige walls some fun, rich, yummy color. I'm sure my hubby will agree with me!

Let me know your thoughts---do you like the stretched out version, or do you prefer the more condensed style? Or, did you even notice a change? Some of you probably only read our blog through your Google Reader (I love my mine and have no idea how one lives without it---many thanks to my friend Kelly who saved me SO much time in life introducing me to Google Reader) and may never visit our actual blog anymore. Although I love my Google Reader, thanks to my blog roll I still occasionally click on the actual links to see many of your blogs "in person" rather than just through my reader in case you make changes too!

Enough of that. On to our dinner showdown! So the other night we experienced what I think I can safely say was our first dinner showdown with Luke. You know, the kind where said child refuses to eat what is in front of him? Yep, it finally happened with us. There have been other times when we have heard, "I don't like that" (before he even tries it, of course) or "I'm not going to eat that" and he always does without a fight. BUT, the other night was different. I made potato soup. Luke heard the word "soup" and was determined he wasn't going to like it or eat it, even though it had potatoes, cheese and bacon (all things he loves) in it. Luke wasn't even rude about it--initially. He just sat there and told us he wasn't going to eat it. Chad told him he was and it went back and forth a bit which led to time out. Luke wasn't even phased. Didn't mind going to time out. We made our very first threats ever of Luke staying at the table until bedtime and then going to bed hungry and without food. And, though he had his heart set on playing Diego with his daddy, Luke looked like he might forgo the fun and not eat. He just sat and lifted his spoon and tried to talk around the subject of eating. We heard more about his day at school than ever before, because he was trying to talk so he wouldn't have to eat!!! After what was an eternity and with only 10 minutes left to play before bed, Luke finally took a couple bites and we excused him from the table.

Have you been through this? What did you do? Or, better yet, want to share any amazing-your-kid-will-eat-this recipes?? We're all for them!!!


mrchrishill said...

I'm a fan of the new design. Although you are right - Google Reader is the only way to go, but for those family members (I have 'em too) that we're lucky to have online at all. I would suggest adding a search widget and possible a recent posts / recent comments and limit the number of posts you show on your front page.

Having the fluid two column width should allow you the space to post larger more fun pictures too - the reason most post at all.

Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Love the new header and design! Maybe Chris addressed this already, but I don't speak "technical": on my screen the condensed version spaces better, and this one stretches a bit off center.

I love it, though.


Heather said...

Our Ped. in Indiana who I adore and has 5 kids told us...."don't battle over food you will lose every time." :) So we don't make a huge deal about things. Brennan is the one that will more say he doesn't like things and doesn't want to eat. It doesn't happen often but when it does we require a couple of bites for tasting and then offer something else simple to eat-such as a piece of lunch meat and cheese or leftovers. They have to at least try it but they don't have to eat it....and I don't go out of my way to make something else whatever is easy to grab is what they eat.


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