Wednesday, March 11, 2009

music for Aardvarks

As a Christmas present to the boys, we decided to sign them up in Music for Aardvarks, a music class for kiddos. Lots of our friends have gone through the class and it came highly recommended! We started the class in Januaryand it ran one day a week for 10 weeks. The boys and I had SO much fun! Every class was filled with fun songs to sing and dance to. There are even a couple of parts where the kids get to play different instruments and have a jam session to some rockin' music! A little cautious at our first class, Luke was livin' it up by mid-session--requesting songs, playing Mr. Joe's guitar, and dancing like a crazy man! Charlie loved it from Day 1, picking up the shakers and bouncing up and down! We looked forward to every Tuesday afternoon from January-March. It was a special, beat-the-cold-winter-blahs treat!! Sadly, our last class was yesterday. Thanks for all of the fun, Aardvarks!! Goodbye to all our special friends, we'll see you soon! You made an ordinary day, seem special too!

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dad said...

I loved it and now you know I really DO read these !!!


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