Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family, Food, Football and Fun!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Since it's now only 2 weeks until Christmas, I realized I needed to blog about our Thanksgiving adventure before things get Christmas crazy! What a fun Thanksgiving it was! Chad, the boys and I traveled to my parents lakehouse in South Carolina to celebrate with my parents and my sister and Chad's parents and his sister's family. We had a total of 13 people in the house--9 adults and 4 kids (oh and my parents 3 Golden Retrievers)! My parents were incredibly brave to welcome all of us into their new place!

The lakehouse is smack in the middle of nowhereville so we all spent quality time together--talking, eating, watching football, enjoying the beautiful outside when it wasn't freezing and eating some more! One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching Luke play with his older cousin Jackson. They were too cute and inseparable! They played with cars from sun up to sun down, did crafts with Aunt Kristen, went on nature walks with Aunt Mary and Grandpa and even drove our boat! Luke and Charlie's little cousin James was non-stop too. He's full of energy and was checking everything out. Charlie on the other hand is still not mobile so he practiced sitting up and looking cute!!

It's impossible to write about everything that went on, but we had lots of fun. We're incredibly thankful for our families and think it was a treat to have us all together--for the first time ever! AND---since it's taken me 1 hour to look through the billion pictures we took, I'm only showing 3. There were too many to choose from!!!

My side of the family!

Chad's side of the family!

The 4 grandsons (Luke, Charlie, Jackson and James)!


Anonymous said...

i love the cousins picture. those big boy smiles are priceless!

p.s. congrats on teh 13.1, too!

Unknown said...

Can we go, now? And stay for a month maybe? =)


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