Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Falling leaves!

A couple of weeks ago, Luke wanted to go outside and play in the leaves. It was really cold and I had to scurry around to find something for Charlie to bundle up in for his first fall leaves photo shoot! Most of Luke's clothes from his baby stages haven't fit Charlie since they were born in the exact opposite seasons, however, his cute winter hat looks adorable on Charlie! Luke had so much fun throwing leaves up in the air and making piles to run through. He even sat still for some sweet brother photos--what a treat for me! Charlie just had a blast watching Luke run around like crazy. He didn't get to stay out too long since he doesn't have shoes yet!

Getting bundled up!

Charlie reaching around to watch Luke's every move!

Lovin' the leaves!

All smiles!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

So sweet! I think Charlie is looking more like Luke these days. Good luck this weekend! I know you'll do great!!

Miss Angie said...

Aww Miss! It seems you are having the times of your life, being a stay at home mom! :)


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