Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas season updates

Luke has thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas season so far. Luke's been to a cookie decorating party with some friends, had a Christmas program at school, visited the Alpine Village, seen Santa and still has more fun to come! His favorite song is The First Noel (though for a while he was singing the First Nowhere). He also wants me to write that his "next favorite" is Silent Night. One of our daily favorite things to do when Luke wakes from his nap is to check the mail and eat a couple of Christmas gumdrops or cookies and milk while opening our Christmas cards. Luke gets SOO excited to see all of the new cards that arrive--just like Mommy!!

Charlie enjoys the ride and gives out smiles to anyone who looks at him! He's been such a trooper during this busy time and just seems to sparkle right along with the Christmas lights! He turned 8 months a couple of days ago and has 2 tricks! He can clap and has just started waving too! He's nowhere near crawling, but he can scoot around in a full circle to see whatever he needs to see! He's also mastered the art of rolling over in his crib----he's loving being more mobile now that he's not swaddled to sleep anymore! Though Charlie hasn't actually said these words, I'm going to guess that Silent Night is his favorite Christmas song. He listens so sweetly as I sing it to him before his goodnight kisses!

Merry Christmas!
Luke putting the first ornament on the tree. A train--of course!
Look at all the cookies I made Mommy!! Can I eat them all now??

Sweet brothers!

I'm 8 months old now!


Anonymous said...

Luke & Charlie look so cute in their Christmas PJ's. Love the hat on Charlie with his big smile and Luke with all the cookies. Has he eaten them all yet? Hope we get some pictures for Christmas of the boys with their Christmas attire on. So cute! Love to all, Mom

Anonymous said...

Baby Charlie has lots of cute Christmas outfits! He looks precious.. and I love the pic of the boys in matching jammies!


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