Sunday, August 17, 2008

All Aboard. . .the Potty Train!!

Yep, we officially started potty training this weekend! We've been telling Luke for a couple of weeks now that we were almost out of diapers and that when we run out, it's time to be a big boy! I told him about a Potty Train chart I made him (thanks Lisa!) and that he could put stickers on it when he peed or pooped (sorry for the potty talk, but you knew it was coming). He's been excited and has even squealed out of joy--though I think mimicking me--as I have tried to do back flips to get him pumped up.

I have been quite nervous about starting this process. I mean, I don't mind changing diapers and I've just heard it's such a long process. Why can't I just snap my fingers and have it be done?? But, on Friday night, when I saw that we weren't going to have enough diapers to make it through Saturday, I had to suck it up and tell Luke that tomorrow was the big day! Well, as Chad and I were about to head for bed on Friday night, I remembered that I needed to get out the stickers for the Potty Train chart. We searched for an hour and couldn't find them and finally had to go to bed as it was well past midnight--thanks to the Olympics.

So, I wake up Saturday morning and start second-guessing our decision to potty train since I don't have the stickers I wanted and we have a birthday party to attend. However, Luke woke up and was SUPER excited about wearing his big boy underwear! So, ready or not from my end, we are all aboard the potty train!!!! Oh, and I did find make-shift stickers and ended up buying more of the ones I wanted. Luke, of course, doesn't even know the difference!!

Luke and his Potty Train chart--so excited!!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

what a great idea!!

mrchrishill said...

great idea!

I can sadly see myself singing this song to Caroline before long.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Luke!!

Miss Angie said...

Fun times!! During my last week of being Alex's nanny, I got her to poop one time in the 'big potty'. I was so excited for her. Keep your patience while going through this process, Miss!! :)

Lisa Joy said...

Your chart looks great! How's he doing so far?

Anonymous said...

Luke keep up the good work on going potty in the potty. Love your Potty Train poster!!!



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