Thursday, July 17, 2008

A romantic getaway!

As I mentioned in my last post, my poor husband has been really sick since he returned from Argentina, almost 2 weeks ago. Well, last week was our 8th anniversary and we were scheduled to go to Asheville, NC (an hour and a half drive from the lake house in SC) for a one-night romantic getaway. However, on our anniversary, Chad woke up and was miserable. He was in the bed or the bathroom all day, and we barely saw him. So, we changed our reservations and hoped that 2 days later he would be better. Unfortunately, he wasn't, but he put on a good face and was determined to celebrate our anniversary in style!

My parents watched the boys for a night (thank you again so much Mom and Dad!) and last Thursday we headed to the Grove Park Inn . This place was awesome! It's a resort and spa in the mountains of Asheville---beautiful! We left mid-day, arrived at the resort, checked in and headed out to explore Asheville. We were in search of a piece of pottery as the 8th anniversary present is pottery and it just so happens that Asheville is known for quaint little art and pottery stores. The day was rainy, but as we were exploring the old Biltmore village outside, it stopped raining for us. We came back, relaxed a bit and then headed off to the Sunset Terrace at the resort for dinner. Again, because it was somewhat cloudy, we didn't get a sunset, but the view was beautiful. We had a delicious dinner (well, I did--Chad didn't eat much)that included some of the best crab cakes we have ever had, Hawaiian seared tuna steak, and chocolate crunch cake with raspberry sauce and some nice wine to go along. It was a perfect evening and even though Chad was sick, we had such a great time.

The next morning was incredible. We indulged in spa treatments!! I have never been so in awe of a spa and massage in my life. The place was so peaceful and beautiful. These people REALLY know how to run a spa. I had an 80 minute massage and probably smiled the entire time. From the specific details (what fragrance do I want on me?, what do I want to be breathing in?, what music do I want to listen to during my massage?) to the massage itself, it was amazing experience! I highly recommend you take an opportunity to head to the Grove Park Inn to be pampered for a romantic getaway!!
Thanks, Honey, for a wonderful anniversary! I love you!

Our anniversary dinner!

The view from our table

A picture of us outside the entrance to the Grove Park Inn spa!


Anonymous said...

love you too, babe.

Ashley said...

y'all look great in the pictures. -hope chad is feeling better by now.

Anonymous said...

You both look so happy and relaxed! Maybe you'll get back there before to long.
Love you, Mimi

Elisabeth Mills said...

I love the photos and anything to do with a spa sounds wonderful to me! I had to laugh when I saw the photo of your romantic dinner because I am certain that Ben has that same shirt that Chad is wearing!

Miss Angie said...

That's so great you have your parents & Biffer close by to help you out with your cutie boys. Glad to hear y'all had a good time on your trip(s). Hope Chad is all better now! :)


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