Monday, July 7, 2008

Adventures from the lake house!

This past week, while Chad was away on his mission trip to Argentina, the boys and I joined my parents at their new lake house in South Carolina. What a blast it has been so far! Luke has been enjoying boat rides, waterfalls, learning about living on a lake and in the forest and soaking up lots of Mimi, Grandpa and Aunt Mary time too!

It has been a blessing for me too. I've had lots of time to spend one on one with Charlie, which has been so sweet. I've also had Mommy/Lukey time that has been precious. My family has been incredibly helpful and they have been so loving and supportive. Keep in mind we will have been here for 2 weeks by the time we leave---that's exhausting for grandparents!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the boat. I'll be posting more adventures soon!

The boys in their life jackets---who knew they made them for infants?

Grandpa and Luke playing on the tube!

Luke and Mommy being silly and having fun!

1 comment :

Mary said...

How cute are my little nephews?!

I had a great time at the lake with y'all too...Aunt Mary loves soaking up nephew AND Biffer time!


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