Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God is in control!

Little Charlie is now 2 weeks old! Last night when Chad looked at the clock and told me Charlie's been here for 2 weeks, we both high-fived each other! I wasn't sure whether to cry, because it's only been 2 weeks (and on lack of sleep it seems forever) or laugh, because he's still alive in the midst of a little chaos! Those things have been crazy, as expected, we are SO happy and truly blessed to begin this new adventure!

I had friends telling me before Charlie was born that having your 2nd child is so much easier than the first. In some ways, I totally agree. The learning curve comes much faster and the newborn aspect of it all seems easier. However, we have had some difficulties with Charlie gaining weight and not wanting to eat, so it seems much of our time is focused on that---which is hard with little Lukey around to entertain.

The title of my devotional from yesterday was "I'm Awake All Night---When You're on Overload." I'm convinced that God made the devotion for me! A verse from the devotion was Psalm 62:8, which says, "Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Other than the lack of sleep, my biggest struggle is not being able to devote the same amount of time I normally give to Luke. He's been great---seems to be adjusting well and is very sweet with his little brother. He has probably been given more grace than he deserves lately, but we are so proud of him! A sweet friend reminded me the other day that it's normal to feel the way I feel, but that I need to remember that the Lord is taking care of Luke. The Lord is meeting all of his needs---he has family to play with him, take him out, feed him, etc. Although it makes me sad that I'm not the one to answer all his needs during the day, as I usually am, he's just fine, because God is in control! What a wonderful and comforting reminder for all of us!

The boys' first car ride together!

Sweet Charlie!

All curled up for some tummy time!

Daddy and son!

Luke and Mocha hanging out!


Mary said...

Aww, Biffer! If you need ANYTHING at all, call a biffer up! I will come over, take the kids, and put golf on your tv for instant nap time!

And those are absolutely adorable pictures...especially the car ride and my oldest nephew with my niece!

Anonymous said...

Baby Charlie is too cute, and his big brother is precious too!



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