Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So this past weekend was fun and productive---what a combo! It's so exciting to have a list of things you want to do or get accomplished and be able to check them off, so here goes. . .

Take down the Christmas lights! Yes, they were still up on Jan. 20th--at least they weren't on. And yes, Chad actually took them down. He's been doing a lot of honeydo lists lately! I'm so thankful for him! Check

Go see a movie! It felt like forever since we'd been to one and we managed to see 2 this weekend! We really enjoyed Juno and didn't enjoy Atonement so much, but we were just happy to see a movie that had been nominated for Golden Globes! Check

Have quality family time! We had a blast this weekend, especially since it was a long weekend. We went to Gibson's (a local and super yummy donut place) for breakfast one morning and enjoyed squeals and laughter from Luke. He not only loves the sprinkled covered donuts, but they have flying pigs, cows and motorcycles on the ceiling---who wouldn't love that? Check

Finish "24"! For those of you who've been reading our blog from the start, you will recall that one of my firsts posts ever was about how we were innocently led to the show 24 (not knowing how addicting it would become) and how for the past year of our life have been watching the past 6 seasons on DVD. As of last night, we completed our mission! Now, we await the end to the writer's strike and the beginning of Season 7. Check

And finally, though I don't know that Luke consciously had this on his list to check off, he managed to climb up the playground at Chick-Fil-A this weekend! There are several of these around town and all of the playground stairs vary in height. He's been able to climb one for a while, but this weekend, Daddy taught him the skills to master the one by our house and when he made it to the top and back down the slide, he screamed "I did it!" and all 3 of us beamed with joy!!! Check


Mary said...

Man, you and Chad are done. Mom and Dad are almost done...I haven't even started Season 6!! At least I won't have to wait around as long as y'all between 6 and 7-C'MON HOLLYWEIRD, WE NEED OUR SHOWS!

And yay for Pooker! Maybe he'll cheer me up tonight when I see him!

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Aww Yay for Luke! And no, I do not crave them together, but most of the time one right after the other. =)


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