Thursday, November 1, 2007

tidbits from our week

Our computer problems are finally fixed! It's been a crazy week around here, so I'll fill you in on some of the interesting adventures. Pony ride and Halloween pics to come!

1. We spent 5 hours in the ER Sunday night with Luke. He's completely fine now, but his elbow bone popped out of joint due to his Mommy and Daddy swinging him by his hands (who knew???). Turns out this caused something called nursemaids elbow. The poor thing had to endure 6 x-rays, screaming from pain for hours, people twisting his arm in half, no dinner and staying up until 11 at night!! It was terrible and so sad, but thanks to prayers, he's A-okay!

2. Somebody stole one of our pumpkins from our yard! Who does that???

3. I backed into our garage door before it was completely up today. Yep, it's broken and someone has to come out to fix it. Can I chalk that up to pregnancy brain?? Please???

4. It's November 1st and our grass is still green outside. I think we've only been using our heat for a week too. It's crazy. Bring on the cold!!!!!!!!!!

5. Oh, I know there's more, but I'll stop for now. Maybe I'll work on the pictures. . .


Anonymous said...

Angie here. . .I was wondering if you & Mary were ever going to create a new post on your blog! Poor little Luke! That's just a crazy story about the ER! :( I hope all is ok now!

Jennifer said...

I can definitely identify with #3. I did the same thing last week, and I'm definitely not pregnant. So what's my excuse?

Luke was so cute last night!


Mary said...

While it was sad for little Luke...I must say, the little person sling they had him in was the cutest thing ever. It just required an "awwwww".

Oh, and I'll give you pregnancy brain on this one since you managed to keep my pishy alive!

Anonymous said...

What a rough week! We'll make note not to be swinging Mr Colin around, which he dearly loves. All of our best wishes to you and hoping you are having a better week!


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