Thursday, July 26, 2007

We did it!

Okay, for our friends out there who read Harry Potter, Chad and I finished the 759 page book last night!! For our other friends--sorry, you could probably care less--although you do know what I am talking about, unless you have been hiding under a rock lately! Anyway, I mentioned before that we were debating buying 2 copies, so we wouldn't have to fight over the book, but I thought we shouldn't do that. Well, some very sweet friends told us to buy 2 copies and they offered to buy one of them from us once we finished!!! Sounded like a great deal, so we bought them Saturday morning and we were reading whenever Luke was asleep! I won't give anything away for those of you who haven't read it, but it was fantastic!! Stop reading this blog and GO READ Harry Potter! :)

**Also note that I put a poll up on our blog. I've been dying to try this new poll feature and I thought why not try a poll on Harry Potter since I'm writing about it! Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want!


Miss Angie said...

Who is Harry Potter??? :) & how do you create a poll question? I want to learn that!

Anonymous said...

According to last night's news, anyone who doesn't want to know the ending should not drive under the overpass at Ridgeway and Park -someone spraypainted it there!

Miss Angie said...

Miss-thought I'd let you know that Mr. L & I saw the Harry Potter movie at the IMAX last weekend & it was really good!


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