Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun in Florida (Part 2)

On the 4th of July after playing on the beach, eating lunch, and naps, we drove over to Baytowne (an area of Sandestin that's on the bay --hence the name) for dinner. The place is beautiful and quaint. There are all kinds of restaurants, golfing, shopping and charming condos and rentals. It has become one of our favorite places to visit while we are in Destin.
We had dinner at Poppy's where we enjoyed some of the BEST calamari ever made! After dinner we walked down the pier and checked out the scenery. Luke almost gave me a heart attack as he tried to climb over the railing on the pier while I was busy watching fish jump out of the water! After taking some pictures, we walked paths through Baytowne in search of some much needed ice cream! July 4th isn't July 4th without ice cream--plus, that seemed to be something we were craving every night! We found a little ice cream parlor and I so kindly used all of the register's ticket tape, that Elisabeth got her family's ice cream for free! Yippee--hey, anything I can do to help! Luke thought it was the best night of his life when he had both parents offering him bites of their ice cream! The coconut seemed to be his favorite. You should see Chad reinacting Luke's face when he took his first bite--it's hilarious!

So after Baytowne and ice cream, we headed back to the condo, put the kids in bed and sat out on the balcony watching a beautiful display of fireworks over the ocean! Talk about perfect. The only thing I can think will be even better, is when we can be down on the beach, watching the fireworks with the kids when they are older---listening to their squeals!

Aren't we all patriotic??!! Happy 4th of July!

Mommies and Babies!

Time to go get ice cream, Dad!

We love you Mills family!

That's all folks!

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Miss Angie said...

Wow Destin looks so beautiful! I like the last pic of you & Chad & the lil one, with your backs to the camera & it's all blue! Good job on doing not only a part 1, but a part 2 as well on the Blogger. I'll leave you alone, for now... :)


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